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Welcome to Court Lane Junior School, an energetic community of learners. We value and care for each child and delight in seeing them grow into independent and confident young people who have the resilience to take on new challenges and who leave us ready to move onto secondary school at the end of their time at Court Lane Junior School.


The development of the whole child is our top priority with this in mind we create a curriculum which is constantly changing, well balanced, challenging and inspiring. We are committed to meeting the needs of every individual. We aim to provide inclusive and integrated learning experiences, holistic opportunities which inspire physical, social, moral, spiritual and cultural growth, as well as academic achievement. Excellent relationships for personal development are central to success so staff get to know every child well and to recognise their talents and uniqueness.


We are ambitious for all children; this is reflected in our vision. Everyone works hard to ensure that children love learning and are engaged by the learning challenge. We also make sure our children are highly skilled and able to read, write, calculate with numbers and measures and use current technology effectively, as these are important skills to succeed on their learning journey. This will enable them to become adults who can achieve well in an ever changing world.


Our caring committed and professional staff team are dedicated to developing the knowledge, skills and understanding to enable children to enjoy learning, achieve well and build strong foundations, so they can embrace the future.


Partnership with parents is important to us and we involve you in your child’s junior school experience through offering opportunities for parents to join in celebrations of success, attend curriculum workshops, themed events and parent/teacher consultations. We are proud of our school and so pleased to be part of the family of schools within the University of Chichester Multi Academy Trust.

We all look forward to working with you so your child has amazing memories of our school.





J Ramshaw                                                 J Wessels

Headteacher Court Lane Academies         Head of School