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So Who Is Tim Peake?

The final Lower Phase assembly of this half term proved to be an out of this world experience for our Year 3 and Year 4 pupils as they were joined by none other than British astronaut Tim Peake (well a full-sized cardboard cut out - but he is training for his mission to the International Space Station in December!). In his place was Mr Chinner, from local company Airbus, who explained to the children who Tim was, what his role on the space station would be and what sort of life Tim would be leading whilst on his mission. The children were given the opportunity to ask their own questions which ranged from 'How big is the space station?' to ' How do astronauts shower?'. Every child was given an informative poster of the planets in the solar system and their very own keyring with a 'Remove Before Launch' tag as used by Airbus when supplying equipment for the mission.