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Festival of Languages

Visit by CLJS to Portsmouth High School

On the 21st of January 2016, we were invited by Madame Barclay to represent CLJS at a Festival of Languages 2016 at Portsmouth High School.

It was a really ‘cool’ day, because we got to do various enjoyable activities such as a ‘treasure hunt’ around the school. Here we had to look at clues in Spanish to find flags of various countries. We came 3rd out of 9 schools.

We also had the opportunity to learn 14 different languages like: Russian, Chinese, Norwegian, Japanese, Hindi, Italian and even ancient Greek. We were able to try writing our names with unusual alphabets like Japanese, Russian and Greek, which was great fun!

The school was really very big but we were made to feel welcome from the moment we arrived. There were many rooms, corridors and stairs which we walked up and down when doing our treasure hunt.

We particularly loved the food!! At break we had tasty cookies and orange or apple juice. For lunch we went to a really lovely canteen and had various choices of main and a pudding. Our favourite meal was lasagne. We even got extra fruit and cakes if we wanted to. It was a great experience, we met some very interesting and pleasant people who made us very welcome and we enjoyed learning various languages.

Some of us were asked to speak in our own language. Gabija said ‘welcome to the Festival of Languages’ in Lithuanian! It was great fun!!!

‘Merci Madame Barclay’ for giving us the opportunity of taking part in PHS Festival of Languages 2016.


Written by Comfort and Bethany (Year 6), Gabija and Kirthy (Year 5)