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At Court Lane Juniors, we understand how important it is for you to allow your children to explore and learn from the Internet and technology, whilst at the same time doing it safely. Every year, the children are taught and reminded about e-safety through specially taught lessons on 

  • how to use technology thoughtfully, responsibly and respectfully
  • how to recognise acceptable and unacceptable behaviour
  • How to identify and report concerns about on-line materials.

Below are a selection of resources that we use in school and that you could use with your children :

Advice on how to use a smart phone

Portsmouth City Council Troll Campaign

Adventures of Kara, Winston and the SMART crew ( Upper KS2 )

Hector's World of Computer Safety ( Lower KS2)


NSPCC advice for parents - Keeping Children Safe On-Line

Think U Know


Picture 1 Bertie - Year 3
Picture 2 Isabelle - Year 4
Picture 3 Penelope - Year 5
Picture 4 Daphne - Year 6

At Court Lane Junior School we teach our children how to embrace what the internet can hold, but to always be safe in doing so.  We follow the ICT code of conduct that Portsmouth City Council has given to all schools, and encourage all children to use the S.M.A.R.T rules in order to be safe on line.


E-Safety week 2017


We have had a very successful e-safety week this February. There were a variety of wonderful activities happening around CLJS. In year 3 there was a reminder of SMART rules and how these work at home. Year 4 also went on to look at how to create memorable ways to remind others in school of the SMART rules, and at home how to be safe on a PC, smart phone and tablet.

Year 5 focused on social media, especially the key question of ‘what is a digital footprint?’ In turn this linked to their PSHE work on cyber bullying, and to consider what steps can they take to prevent cyber bullying from happening?

Lastly Year 6 also worked on their understanding of social media e-safety with particular focus on snapchat& facebook; especially on smart phones used between their peers. This then linked to 'power of 1' from PSHE anti-bullying day last year, and asked the children to consider how they would help a friend who was being cyber bullied.

At the end of the week Year 3 took part in creating a whole year group e-safety play called ‘Team robots vs the Meanies’. Music, singing, costumes, props and drama made a wonderful play about aliens who saw cyber bullying on planet Earth and how this could be stopped. Year 2 and Year 4 came to watch and loved it!

Well done to all the children! What a wonderful way to help each other understand how important e-safety is both at school and at home!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

'What can I do if I think cyber bullying is occurring to my child?

If you think cyber bullying is occurring please use the following links to help you decide the best course of action.  Please also contact the school if you feel we could help you.