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Young Gardeners Club

Young Gardeners Club

'Young Gardeners' has been running at Court Lane Junior School for 9 years. This is a popular group where children benefit from the outdoor experience with fun lessons on soil preparation, composting, sowing seeds, caring of plants, identifying weeds, pests and diseases, analyising,measuring and recording growth and the most fun of all, the harvesting and tasting of the crops they have grown. The children develop skills through problem solving, teamwork, physical co-ordination and strength, whilst growing an interest and appreciation for the vegetables and the living environment.

They also visit the local allotment, which the children really enjoy. The Young Gardeners Club runs on a Monday and Wednesday 3.20-4.30pm. If your child would like to join the club please address an envelope to ‘Young Gardeners’ and provide their name, class name, a contact telephone number and pass this to the office.

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