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Who's Who

Court Lane Junior



Leadership Team (LT)

Executive Headteacher                                              Mrs Ramshaw


Head of School                                                           Mrs Cantini

Upper School Leader (Year 5 and Year 6)



Deputy Head of School                                               Mrs K Reynolds 

Lower School Leader (Year 3 and Year 4)


Inclusion Leader                                                         Mrs Carter


Year 6 Leader                                                             Mrs Thompson 


Year 5 Leader and U/S Maths Leader                        Miss Harfield


Year 4 Leader and L/S Maths Leader                         Miss Kelly 


Year 3 Leader and  L/S English Leader                      Miss Bailey


Upper School English Leader                                      Mr Barratt





Year 3

Walliams        Miss Bailey (Yr Ldr)

Dahl               Mrs Brooks 

Donaldson     Mrs Bull/Mrs Shawyer              

Kinney           Mr Recchia              


Year 4

Warrior           Miss Kelly (Yr Ldr)

Mary Rose     Mrs Rae/Mrs Mangat

Nelson           Mr Jones

Victory           Miss Houghton                                 


Year 5

Mercury          Miss Harfield (Yr Ldr)

Jupiter            Miss Fellows

Neptune         Miss Coles

Venus            Mrs Martin        


Year 6

Loki                 Mrs Thompson (Yr Ldr)

Eir                    Miss Long

Magni              Mrs Johnson/Mrs Clark

Thor                Mr Barratt


Other Teaching Staff


Mrs Dawson     (PPA cover)


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Oakes (Senior Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Baracchini

Miss Bell (Y6)

Mrs Cox (Y4)

Mrs Delaney (1:1)

Mrs Foster (Y3)

Miss Oosterwijk (1:1)

Mrs N Sheath (1:1)

Miss Payne (Y5)

Miss Wallace (1:1)

Mrs Wedge (1:1)


Support Staff

Head of School’s PA/Office Manager       Mrs Bishop

Bursar                                                       Mrs Tyrrell

SIMS Manager                                          Mrs Sparks

Clerical Assistant/Receptionist                 Mrs Kay

Clerical Assistant/Receptionist                 Mrs Langton  

Pastoral Manager                                     Mrs Wait

Pastoral Assistant                                     Mrs Colvin                                             

Librarian                                                    Mrs Gibbons

IT Apprentice                                             Mr King

Caretaker                                                  Mr Davey


Lunchtime Staff                                      Cleaners

Mrs Wallis (Senior Supervisor)                Mrs Davies

Miss Betsworth                                        Mrs Duggan

Mrs Blundell                                             Mrs Lawley

Mrs Bunnage                                           Mrs Strachan

Mrs Chapman                                     

Miss Gray

Mrs O'Malley

Mrs Rogers

Mr Wellgreen

Mrs West














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