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Year 5 Design Technology

During our Design Technology sessions, Year 5 have been making delicious flapjacks using Fairtrade ingredients.


We have designed our product, carefully considering which ingredients to include, learnt how to keep ourselves safe in the kitchen and, of course, made the flapjacks. To make our flapjacks, we introduced Fairtrade ingredients to improve a basic flapjack recipe to link with our Learning Challenge topic. We have been thinking about the question 'Is paying more for Fairtrade worth it?' and were surprised to learn just how many Fairtrade products were readily available for us to buy. 


As they were baking, the flapjacks smelt delicious and Year 5 were the envy of the rest of the school! At the end of the day, the children took their flapjacks home to enjoy. Children have now evaluated their products, considering how to improve them next time.