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National Hat Day

National Hat Day - 15th January

To celebrate National Hat Day, ISS Caterers will be altering the school lunch menu slightly and having a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party theme that day.  The cost remains £2. The menu will be as follows:


Mad Hatters Hot Dog in a Roll OR Cheshire Cat’s Cheesy Pizza


Served with Alice’s favourite Chips & Beans


OR White Rabbit’s favourite Potato Salad & Salad Bar


Queen of Hearts Jam Tart with Custard


The catering staff will also be handing out Mad Hatter hats to those children who have a school lunch.  The hats are made from paper and include empty panels.  The children will be invited to take part in a competition and draw a character on their hat which will be sent to ISS caterers. The prizes include art supplies such as pen sets.