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British Values and Social, Moral, Spiritual, Cultural Education SMSC

The Society of St James- charity for the homeless

I would like to say a huge thank you to Jane and Rochelle from the homeless charity, The Society of St James, who came and spoke to the children about what it is like to live on the streets, without anywhere to go that is safe and warm.  The charity set up houses to get young people of the streets and help them to move forward to find a new and better future.  I am sure everyone has noticed an increase in the number of people now living on the streets of Portsmouth, and we felt it was important for the children to understand the challenges others face in our community and some of the reasons why they are there.


Mrs Martin

Art in the Community

Children from Years 3, 4 and 5 went out into the community and made salt dough Christmas decorations with residents of the Carrick Court Retirement flats. These lovely decorations will hang on our school Christmas tree in the Large Hall. The residents commented on how creative and enthusiastic the children were. 

British Values Week

We have enjoyed a wonderful week focusing on the British Values and pausing to think about what makes Britain so great:

our democracy; our rule of law; tolerance to different faiths and cultures; mutual respect and individual liberty.  Throughout the week, we have had many different visitors and activities.  On Monday, Enable Me Project brought specialist sport wheelchairs for the children to use and test out their steering skills.  We had motivational and inspiring talks about living in a world with a disability.  Tolerance and mutual respect continued as a theme for talks from different faiths.  We had an interesting talk and were encouraged to consider the challenges faced by children from Armed Service families.  Our links with University of Chichester brought a wonderful band of students, who performed a play to years 4-6 about anti-bullying.  Finally our week has ended on a charitable note with Children in Need when the Junior and Infant schools have come together to encourage friendships and to talk about "their thing!" which is the theme of this year's day.


Thank you to all staff and volunteers who have made this week so successful and such an informative and thought provoking week for the children.

Mrs Martin, Ms Brookes

British Values Week off to a great start- with Enable Me

British Values Week off to a great start- with Enable Me  1
British Values Week off to a great start- with Enable Me  2

Year 5's showing their understanding of SMSC

Year 5's showing their understanding of SMSC 1
Year 5's showing their understanding of SMSC 2
Year 5's showing their understanding of SMSC 3

Pause Week November 13th

At both Court Lane schools, we are having a week that is dedicated to raising the children's awareness of Fundamental British Values:

The Rule of Law,


Individual Liberty,

Mutual Respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs.


The week will coincide with our anti-bullying week as part of mutual respect.